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420Leafedincannabis founded in spring 2016 is
an online marijuana shops based in the USA.
We have distribution branches in US, Canada,
Europe and the UK. We offer free shipping in Australia and US.


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12 reviews for Death-star

  1. turkeymungy

    you are a life saver i told i will not get my stuff thanks very much bro

  2. Floriano fonseca

    I must admit i was a bit dubious about ordering off t’ internet but everything was fine, no complaints.

  3. Sofia Carson

    I hit this strain when I’m ready to tap out for a bit and send a big fuck you to life. When my pain, stress, depression and anxiety start creeping up to uncontrollable levels, I hit this. It is my number two. Second only to cold creek kush. When life hands you lemons, hit Death Star and give it a big, loud fuck you! 🍋 🖕🏼

  4. Richie Smith

    I was told by my bud tender that it was potent, and she was definitely right. My sister and I split a joint before watching a game. We were suuuuper giggly and got pretty hungry. I’m glad that we decided to stay in because I wouldn’t have been able to get off the couch. 😂

  5. Harris

    Spot on as usual.

  6. VIK J

    Definitely high in turpenes, this herb smells like that perfect bud that you grew in the gully behind your grandmother’s house that one summer. You remember because you were so scared that people would smell it. She knew what was going on too. It strikes me as much more potent and heady than Sour…

  7. Simon Sam

    They are beautiful buds that smell of citrus when you break it apart. The smoke is smooth and clean with the ash turning white. After you smoke you do not think you are that high but about 15 mins after smoke you are so relaxed that you care about nothing. If you are in pain it does provide some easy but its hard to tell if the pain is better or I just don’t care about it anymore. This probably isn’t for new smokers. If you are a newbie, perhaps only take a few hits and see how it hits you. Overall, I recommend highly! Stay lifted my friends!

  8. william Harris

    This strain was given to me as a small token of appreciation from a new friend who knows I use cannabis for pain, anxiety, PTSD, and a few other issues. im fairly new to the nuances of taste and smell and tracking strains. my stoner buddies would ask me for information but they never knew the name or type of strain. I want to go dancing, I want to have fun, I want to clean, I will actually sleep for more than 2.7 hours at a clip! stay tuned for reality strikes back because I’m still stoned so I dont know how it ends. Btw: be kind. this is my very first review of this incredible plant in this context.

  9. Sanu kuma

    I don’t have a single bad thing to say about it… It’s fun to smoke before and after sex, listening to music, watching documentaries, and before you need to sleep. It’s nice that this strain seemed to land on my lap, right as I was throwing the cigarettes away. If you’re an artist (musician speaking) this is usually nice after a major project, or after coming off a stage. kind of a celebratory smoke. Social, yes but it’s also nice when alone. Writing this review has been so tough, I’m going to sleep. P.S. if you’re micro-docing psilocybin in the morning, use this for evening as they compliment each other really well.

  10. Maia zaak

    So let me start off by saying that when I reach for an indica, it’s usually because I am stressed out and anxious and looking for something to obliterate it. Death Star did not do that. Maybe it’s the Sour Diesel in it, but I could never completely relax. It is relaxing, a couchy strain, but just doesn’t crush stress. I think this would be the perfect strain for like a lazy day at home, watching movies, but not great for anxiety or stress.

  11. Terry Newer

    I adore this strain, I started smoking it months ago and nothing comes close, death star is something else, this will always be my favorite strain.

  12. lxrd234

    I love this dispensary and this strain. This Indica dominant strain is my go to for helping me stay calm and to help get to sleep at night. I am a chronic insomniac and have taken prescription meds for years for it but this MMJ is just as effective with no side effects in the morning. Death Star (Ds) at Giving Tree has 27% Thc and is the highest potency MMJ sold in the metro Phoenix area! Warning, it comes on slow. Just when you think you need to have a couple more tokes the first toke begins to tickle you. You take that second one and then that third one and then it hits you. You shouldn’t have done that third one and the second toke just hit you. Now you have to wait a little while to undertake that project you planned to get done today. I stock up when Giving Tree runs one of their sales on Death Star. Sign up for their rewards program and get the weekly newsletters

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